Betting on Banker’s Hand in Dragon Tiger, Is It Worth It?

Dragon Tiger is an Asian casino game who has been popular for its simplicity and speed and favored by many streak bettors. Playing this game requires you to bet either on the banker or the player. Although it’s simple, it still needs strategy. How about the strategy in Betting on Banker’s Hand in Dragon Tiger, Is It Worth It?

Betting on Banker’s Hand in Dragon Tiger, Is It Worth It?

Betting on the banker’s hand means you are betting on the dragon’s side. It also means that you are assuming the cards in the dragon’s hand will have higher points than the one in the other hand. From all the betting options which are available in Dragon Tiger game, the option of betting on the dragon is considered the most profitable due to at least two reasons: the odd and the payout.

  • The Probability of Winning in Betting on the Banker’s Hand

After deciding to bet on the banker’s or the dragon, a dealer will deal cards for both hands face up. In this case, you must have been sure that the cards in the banker’s hand will have the highest points. The point itself are ranging from A as the lowest to the K as the highest.

Actually, betting on either dragon or tiger or on either the banker or the player will give you the same amount of probability. With this betting option, your winning chance comes from 39,936 combinations out of the overall 86,320 combinations that may happen in the game. Having this amount, you will have the winning probability of 0.462651.

However, in this betting will also give you the losing chance of the same 39.936 combinations out of the overall combinations. It also means that you also have the same percentage of losing, which is 0.462651.

  • The Payout and the House Edge in Betting on the Banker’s Hand

The winning and losing probability of betting on the banker’s hands are the same. However, compared to other betting options available in this game, this betting option seems to give the best return and house edge.

If you happen to win the bet, your payout will be 1:1. Your return will be at 0.462651, while the house edge will be at 3.73%. The percentage of the house edge is considered the lowest among other betting options’. If you choose to bet in tie, be ready with the house edge of 32.77%!

  • Making the Betting More Worth It

Although betting on the banker’s hand is profitable, there is another way to maximize your winning on this bet. Keep mounting your winning possibility with card counting. That method is playing at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia where every bet is not gone in vain.

The game is simple as how the card counting is. You can easily detect the remaining cards and identify how many low cards left in the deck.

However, although it’s said to be simple, you still need to dedicate your time to practice this strategy. Your winning depends on luck as much as depend on the strategy mastery.

The conclusion to the question betting on banker’s hand in Dragon Tiger, is it worth it? is obviously yes. The worthiness is shown by the percentage of the return, the house edge, and of course the probability of winning. Besides, it will be worth it if you can apply the card counting strategy.

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